Finding the perfect bathing suit that not only flatters your figure but boosts your confidence can be quite difficult. Understanding the different body types/figures and how clothing pieces fit can make a huge difference in finding and purchasing clothing, especially, bikinis. This article will empathize with five body types and their corresponding swimsuits by pretty little bikini to ensure you are in love with your new swimsuit. 

Body Type: Apple Figure 

As someone who is considered an apple-shaped body type tends to carry their weight around the midsection, top-heavy or boarder in the bust and waist. To find the most flattering swimsuit, these body types should focus on swimwear that accentuates the top or bottom section of their body. 

  • Supportive tops and high-waisted bottoms will be ideal 
    • Halter tops or plunge necklines with high-waisted bottoms will create a balanced effect
  • Patterns and lighter colours will help draw the eye into the desired area
  • Ruching creates a slimming effect 
  • Crossover and belts create an illusion of a waist 
Apple Swimsuits


 Body Type: Hourglass Figure

Hourglass body types are balanced, weight-wise. Finding a swimsuit, you want to ensure you are maintaining that balance while also emphasizing your curves. 

  • Plunge necklines will draw attention and help keep the curvy figure
  • Heavy chested should try triangle-shaped tops 
  • Smaller chest would look best in bandeau/strapless top pieces 
  • High cut bottoms help accentuate your legs - making them look longer 

Hourglass Swimsuits 

Body Type: Pear Figure 

Body types categorized as Pear-shaped often need swimwear that helps create that balanced figure. These body types tend to be individuals with wider hips in comparison to their smaller bust and shoulders. Swimwear that flatters this shape will want to draw attention to either the top or bottom portion of their body.

  • Patterns, plunge necklines and ruching will draw attention to the top half 
  • Solid colours and darker shaded bottoms will not draw attention, creating a slimming effect
  • High-waisted bottom will aid in concealing the stomach area
  • High-cut bottoms will accentuate and elongate the legs 

Pear Swimsuits 


Body Type: Rectangle Figure 

Rectangle body types are those that contain a straight silhouette. Adding curvature or the illusion of curves will help accentuate the body and create a more balanced look. 

  • A smaller triangle top will help balance square shoulders
  • Rouching, belts and printed bottoms are great at catching the eye
  • Hight-cut bottom will aid in creating curves 

 Rectangle Swimsuits

January 13, 2022 — Amar Gandhi