Are you tired of watching your friends, family members, and coworkers go on vacation and return a week later with a beautiful tan? Well, it could be you with that stunning tan if you plan your next vacation in the right place. If sunbathing and getting nice and bronzed is a priority for you this summer then you’ve probably thought “I wonder what’s the best places to get a tan this summer?”. Down below is a list of the best travel destinations, that will ensure you come back with an eye-catching tan. Don’t forget to pack our beautiful bikinis in your luggage before you go!

1. Copacabana Beach

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Copacabana Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A striking four-kilometer stretch of fine sand and incredible visuals, Copacabana Beach is a whirlwind of movement; beach vendors relentlessly stroll up and down in the heat selling their goods, bronzed bodies soak up the sun, tourists drink coconuts and there are countless games of football and volleyball. With a backdrop of the rolling hills of Brazil, you will not only find yourself tanning here but also enjoying the beautiful scenery. In addition to being a great place for tanning and for enjoying the landscape, Copacabana Beach is rarely quiet. There is always something happening on this beach, whether it is tourists enjoying the summer sun during the day or music and drinking at night.

2. Ilhabela, Brazil

Journey to this Brazilian island where the lush and dark mysterious rainforest meets the beach. lhabela, pronounced "EE-lyah BEH-lah," means "Beautiful Island" in Portuguese. Hike through the forest and take in the amazing sights and sounds, including exotic, brightly colored birds like the red-breasted Toucan, cute and curious capuchin monkeys, and awe-inspiring hidden waterfalls–only to emerge onto a beautiful beach. Kitesurfing, sailing, surfing, and windsurfing are popular sports activities here.

3. Crete

If you are looking to get a great tan during your trip to Europe make a stop in Greece. The island of Crete off of the south coast of Greece is surrounded by 100 miles of beach along its coastline. Crete is a tapestry of splendid beaches, ancient treasures, and landscapes, weaving in vibrant cities and dreamy villages, where locals share their traditions, wonderful cuisine, and generous spirit. If you are looking for a place to tan in solitude then try elsewhere, as there are plenty of small, secluded beaches scattered around the island where you will be more than likely to catch a few rays.

4. Baby Beach

Take in spectacular ocean views and indulge in shallow, crystal clear water at this magnificent paradise, Baby Beach. Famous Baby Beach in the southern part of Aruba, close to San Nicolas, is a true Caribbean beach paradise. This gorgeous half-moon sandy expanse in a calm lagoon is ideal for families with small kids. Baby Beach located on the coast of Aruba is a great place for sunbathers. The ocean along the beach’s shore remains very calm and shallow making it a great place to put a low beach chair for the day. If you would rather work on your tan than take a dip, you can spread your beach towel out in the soft Arabian sand that lines the shore of Baby Beach.

5. Haulover Beach

The worst part about tanning, other than the unexpected burn, is the tan lines that inevitably come with your sunbathing. What is the best way to avoid tan lines? By losing your bathing suit! Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida offers beachgoers the option of shedding their suits in pursuit of that all-over tan. Haulover Beach Park is noted for blue waters, soft sand, and plenty of picnic areas.

6. Cancun

Cancun is recognized throughout the world for its spectacular white sand beaches and its fascinating sea in turquoise blue tones. Down in southern Mexico, you will find miles and miles of beaches in Cancun. Cancun boasts a fourteen-mile peninsula that jets out into the ocean and provides a favorite beach-going spot for vacationers. There are a number of scenic beaches great for tanning in Cancun but think about trying San Miguelito, which is also home to a small, historic Mayan ruin.

7. Pondicherry, India

Whether you’re someone looking for solitude or a party environment, the happening and best beaches in Pondicherry will surely entice you. You can relax on the soft sand, party by the waters, walk along the shores, watch beautiful sunsets, do some swimming, build a sandcastle, try adventurous water sports, or spend a romantic evening with your partner. When you’re not at the beach tanning, there is visual and spiritual beauty in abundance. There is so much to do, you might consider combining things – for instance, beach meditation, or yoga on the sand. Indulge in delicious seafood meals and enjoy activities like surfing and scuba at Karaikal and Serenity beaches.

8. Frenchman’s Cove Beach, Jamaica

Frenchman’s Cove is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hear the crystal clear water from the Blue Mountains flows to join the Caribbean Sea. The well-known Frenchman’s Cove beach is surrounded by exquisite beauty that will leave you breathless. The jungle surrounding the beach is filled with fascinating vegetation that will make you want to spend the rest of your life in its lush surroundings. The beach is a hot spot for locals and traveling tourists to paradise island alike, and if you should go there, you will be sure to get your money’s worth of picturesque beauty as well as a fantastic suntan to take back home with you.

The world is full of lovely beaches and all you have to do is take a trip to one of them. Traveling to one or all the beach destinations will leave you spellbound and clamoring for more. Your vacations will be memorable ones and you will have lots of stories to share when you reach back home as well as have a great suntan to show off. Travel might be complicated right now, but use our ultimate travel guide to plan ahead for your next bucket list beach adventure.
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March 03, 2021 — AN PHIL