Getting you that perfect swimsuit for the summer is crucial, but finding that ideal one can be a real pain. Whether its body shape or body size, most people have had issues when picking the perfect bathing suit for their figure. With so many vendors and retailers, you have a wide selection of opportunities, but also a large, if not larger, room for error. With nowadays shopping being limited to the internet, you are no longer able to try on your clothes before you purchase, which can be a real pain for anyone dealing with insecurities, anxiety, or anything of that matter. You can't truly know something online is going to fit you, you're taking a chance, a shot in the dark, and praying it'll fit your liking.

That being said, having a few great and trustworthy options to get your swimwear from is ideal, whether it's from your prior knowledge, friends, family members, or whomever. With all that in mind, I have narrowed down the list to the top four best online stores to buy swimsuits for this upcoming summer. With a great focus on accommodative sizing, a variety of options, and overall look/comfortability, these four options will help you create your ideal look this summer! Take a spin in one of the gorgeous bikini's the options below offer, and find your true fit!


1. Pretty Little Bikini (PLB)

Blogger's Choice: Black Polka Dot Beachwear

Size Range: S-5XL

Price Category:

Return Policy: 30-Day 

With an excellent reputation in the market, our number one spot goes to my favorite store, Pretty Little Bikini. Right off the bat, this site is accommodative to any girl out there regardless of size or shape, they have something for you! The vast array of options PLB has is sure to fill your every comfortability need and have you looking exceptional! This website is filled with drop-dead gorgeous pieces that are sure to have your summer start with a bang! With such exceptional prices, this site offers you the best bathing suit you'll ever receive, at an excellent price! PLB separates itself from all other sites on the market and this list by being exceedingly accommodating and truly giving girls out there plenty of options to fit all comfortability needs or insecurities out there. Feel fantastic in whatever piece you decide to purchase; you won't regret your decision! 


2. Curvy Waves

Blogger's Choice: Black Deep Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

Size Range: M-6XL

Price Category$

Return Policy: 30-Day


Our second spot on this list goes to the well-deserved Curvy Waves. Similar to PLB, Curvy Waves offers you an exceptional range of sizing to fit any girl out there, and all at an unbeatable price! With a great selection of one-piece and two-piece bathing suits, you have an array of fantastic pieces to choose from! On top of that, this site has implemented a more modern and trendy bathing suit style known as the Tankini. This excellent swimwear doubles as a comfy tank-top perfect for the beach and a wonderful bathing suit to have you standing out amongst the crowd! The swimsuits on this site are perfect for this upcoming summer and are sure to add a 'pop' of color to your wardrobe in a matter of seconds! 


3. Zaful

Blogger's Choice: Zaful Ribbed Lace-Up Cami Bikini Swimwear - Navy Blue

Size Range: S-L

Price Category$-$$

Return Policy: 30-Day

Having been on the market for quite some time now, Zaful has built an exceptional brand and reputation that allows them to stand out in their unique way! With endless options for bathing suits, you could scroll through their selection for hours without even realizing it! With great prices, Zaful gives you a great deal on an exceptional swimsuit. The only issue on hand here is the sizing. While the previous two have been extremely accommodative to any girl out there, regardless of size, Zaful is a little more selective with their sizing. With only Small, Medium, and Large sizes, many girls find themselves left out of the Zaful trends as the sizing is simply not comfortable for them. Other than the sizing, Zaful has built a reputable and successful business that is sure to fit perfectly with any girl ranging in their size limits.


4. Asos

Blogger's Choice: ASOS DESIGN Mix and Match Rib Knot Crop Bikini Top in Leopard Print

Size Range: UK 0 - UK 14

Price Category: $$

Return Policy: 28-Day

Based out of the United Kingdom, our final spot on this list goes to the notable Asos, founded in 2000. Asos has continuously seen success in the trendy fashion industry and has an exceptional selection of choices for both males and females. When researching the swimwear section, I discovered a huge amount of options including a vast array of maternity swimwear and swimsuits with larger sizes specific for plus-sized girls out there! Sizing is conducted in UK standard measurements meaning that US customers may see a difference in sizing. The prices they offer are solid, ranging from around 14 GBP to 50 GBP respectively, giving you a great deal on an excellent swimsuit! All in all, Asos has continuously been a trustworthy brand for two decades now and has supplied millions of girls with their favorite swimsuits! Check them out and see what's in store for you! 


With so many options on the market, there are endless opportunities for you to spruce up your swimwear game and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. These four impeccable stores are trustworthy and have been huge successes in the swimwear industry. With Summer just a few months away, you now have a wonderful opportunity to see yourself shine in one of these gorgeous suits! Show off your unique and trendy style with ease this Summer! 


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March 17, 2021 — AN PHIL